Consignment Sales / Outright Purchases

If you are thinking of selling your collectible automobile and are not sure of the best approach speak to us, we are active cash buyers and can react quickly.

Alternatively, depending on the particulars, we can offer a competitive consignment sale service. We aim to advise and assist in the optimum placement of your collectible and will suggest and can coordinate any pre-sale work that may enhance your vehicle’s market potential.

Do bear in mind that whilst we can (and do) advertise our stock, this approach is not always requested nor required therefore if you are seeking a discreet sale please consider us.

Automotive Concierge

With our trusted network of partners we can assist you with all related matters including: import/export, restoration, research, logistics, event/competition support, storage, insurance, legalities and even local road registration.

Sourcing To Requirement

Whether you are looking for something specific or aspiring to compete in a particular race or event, we can help. Should your fancy be a single cylinder veteran for the London to Brighton Rally, a Group B works rally car or a modern, limited production exotic such as a McLaren F1 we are broadly experienced with an incredibly diverse track record.

Mark has several competition cars in his own collection and through this active involvement we have handled some of the finest examples of post-1980 competition cars that have come to market in the last decade. Sporting vehicles from all eras echo both a personal interest and business speciality and as such we are ideally positioned to discreetly operate via our trusted worldwide network of clients and contacts.

Please explore our Archive page to explore the breadth of vehicles transacted.

Please call or email us for a friendly, no obligation, consultation.