2003 FERRARI 550 GT1

2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1
2003 FERRARI 550 GT1


Following the cancellation of the F50 GT1 project, Ferrari was without representation in the top ranks of GT1 racing. Whilst other preparers undertook projects to develop the 550 Maranello for competition, it was N-Technology who were entrusted by Ferrari S.p.A. to construct and develop a GT1 racer on their behalf.

Chassis’ were supplied by Ferrari S.p.A. and two examples were built for racing. The car we proudly offer was given the factory chassis number F*133GT*2102. The application of a 4-digit, even chassis number confirms its origin as a factory race car; as also denoted on the FIA documents where Ferrari S.p.A. is listed as the owner of 2102.

The chassis was extensively modified with tubular subframes front and rear and a fully integrated roll cage. The engine was lowered and back towards the bulkhead so to improve the center of gravity and weight distribution of the car. It was a 5.75 Litre V12 derived from the roadcar that even on restrictors produced just under 600bhp. Power to the wheels was driven through a sequentially operated Hewland Transaxle via a carbon-fibre propshaft. Bodywork took a significant diet and is almost exclusively carbon fibre.

French squad JMB Racing was (then) considered as a Works partner for GT racing thus were entrusted to run the cars in selected rounds of the FIA GT championship in 2003. The N-Technology built 550s were effectively built to serve as the working prototypes for the subsequent 575 GTC which was to be offered for sale to customer teams from the following season onwards.


2102 was entered in just 4 races during the 2003 (rounds 5, 6, 7 & 8) FIA GT Championship. Despite being 2 season behind the Prodrive 550s, 2102 showed considerable pace, however the results did not do the car nor team justice.

The highlight of the 2003 season was undoubtably Round 6 at the Spa 24 Hours where 2102 was leading the race overall after 6 hours. Still holding second after 12 Hours it sadly succumbed to mechanical trouble after 326 laps and was forced to retire. With the potential proven, the subsequent 575 GTC went on to claim victories thanks to the valuable work done by N-Technology and JMB during 2003.

2102 was then put into storage and in early 2005 was old via AF Corse to Piero Nappi. The Napoli-based businessman is also a highly-experienced racer who has competed all over Europe since the 1970s at the highest level (he even tackled the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1996 at the wheel of a Ferrari F40 GTE).

Nappi opted to enter the car into the CIVM (Italian Hillclimb Championship) and proved to be dominant from the start. He took the overall category wins with the 550 in 2005 and 2006 and 2014. No events were entered from 2008 until 2012 when he finished third in class for the Championship. Nappi competed with the car until 2016 on a reduced schedule and continued to take class wins right up until his final event in August that year.

We assisted the current owner in acquiring 2102 in early 2017. It has since had a sympathetic but extensive series of restorative works undertaken and although not raced, 2102 has tested, demonstrated (in Peter Auto Endurance Racing Legends events) and been the subject of a recent feature in Motorsport Magazine. The video of their test can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpuEHpO7BIw


When purchased in 2017, the last event 2102 had ran was the Trofeo Luigi Fagioli round of the Italian Hillclimb Championship where it duly won its class.

Engine: Last rebuilt by Autotecnica Motori in March 2016
(c. 3.5 hours use since)
Transaxle: Last rebuilt by (former Hewland Chief Engineer) Steve Bannon in 2017
(c. 3 hours use since)
Body: Carbonfibre repairs carried out, fully repainted and livery returned to same as 2003 Spa 24 Hours
Safety: Seats, belts and extinguisher system renewed in 2017
Fuel cell: Original item pressure checked (new required for racing)


- March 2003, copy of FIA-issued homologation form denoting Chassis number, N-Technology as Preparer and Ferrari S.p.A. as Owner.
- May 2003 Autosprint (Italian Magazine) article comparing the NTechnology car with Rafanelli and Prodrive examples of the 550 GT1.
- September 2005 copy of personal letter from Jean Todt (then Director General of Ferrari Motorsport) congratulating Sig. Nappi on his Championship victory that year. He makes note in gratitude of Nappi’s defending of Ferrari’s prestigious name!
- May 2007 copy of personal letter from Antonello Coletta (then head of Corse Clienti) congratulating Sig. Nappi on his 2006 Championship victory and for adding to Ferrari’s rich racing success.
- Full competition record from 2003 to 2016 (as researched by P. Grootswagers).
- A.C.I. Technical Passport with entries from Hillclimbing.
- Invoice copy of engine rebuild at Autotecnica Motori in March 2016.
- Various photos from the JMB/ Nappi period through to current day.
- Invoices for works in current ownership
- December 2019 Motorsport Magazine feature
- Small selection of spare parts including wheels

Of particular note, the decision was taken to 3D scan 2102 in its entirety. This was done to micron accuracy over the course of 3 days therefore a complete data file is also included should the requirement be to replicate any key components for future use by means of reverse engineering.


PETER AUTO - Endurance Racing Legends
Paul Ricard, Spa Francorchamps, Le Mans Classic, Monza and Estoril

MASTERS – Aston Martin Masters Endurance Legends
Portimao, Monza, Paul Ricard, Silverstone, Zandvoort and Spa Francorchamps

MASTERS USA - Masters Endurance Legends USA
Sonoma, Watkins Glen, Road America, Road Atlanta

Sebring, Road Atlanta, Barber Motorsports Park, Watkins Glen, Daytona

Chassis 2102 represents an enviable opportunity to acquire one of just 2 Ferrari 550 Maranello GT1s permitted to wear the Prancing Horse badge. With such straightforward lineage and having played an important part in the evolution of Ferrari’s GT racing history it deserves the attention of the most discerning collector. Ideal either as a historical racecar, treasured trackday machine or as a collection centre-piece.

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